New screens with new enemies, click!

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6 years ago#11
those mites are jsut up close, they arent big
6 years ago#12
I'm very impressed with the character models.
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6 years ago#13

That thing looks very tough. I hope it comes out in invasion mode.
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6 years ago#14
They reminded some one of the Atlantis Guardian concept art.

Hmm... I wonder if it's a smaller size one or just a look alike.
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6 years ago#15
I deeply respect that HVS doesn't dish out 1080p bullshots with x16 AA like far too many devs do.

Taking into account that Wii games almost always look better in motion, this looks quite promising; that boss-looking drudge and the gold drones look badass.
6 years ago#16
Can you post the other pages of that magazine article?
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