they need to improve the ranking system.

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6 years ago#1

not that the ranking system is bad in any way, its just confusing. like how am i supposed to know how high up the "golden-pyramid-spikey-eyeball" rank is compared to another guy who has the "hollow-golden-pyramid" rank? like they should at least add a name to go along with the rank or something.

6 years ago#2
I've made a topic about this before. Not only are names an issue here, but also the amount of experience needed to feel any progression.
6 years ago#3
I caught on pretty quick.
I kinda like the aspect of it not having complete certainty.

They should make the top ranks RIDICULOUSLY high, so players never really know if they're at the top yet.

Its always cool to see a rank you've never seen before, then realizing you're about to be in a world of hurt.
6 years ago#4
Sorry that I'm referring to CoD here, but I do remember that getting to highest level didn't take THAT long. It also felt more rewarding since it progressed much more noticeably. It did take a long time to get to 10th prestige.
6 years ago#5

it would be fun to see what creative name ranks they could come up with

6 years ago#6
Well, considering my free time... Yeah it takes an impossible amount of time.

But that's not what I'm saying, I'm not inferring anything about how hard they were in Tcon.
I'm saying that the highest ranks SHOULD be really rare to see.

I remember what it was like as a kid, being an average player. and seing a rank that you've never seen before is REALLY cool.
You're like "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? Is this for REAL?!?"

I'd love for kids playing Con2 to be able to experience that.
6 years ago#7

i just want an easier way of telling how my rank is compared to everybody else

6 years ago#8
^This. and kdr's
6 years ago#9
This game needs online learerboards like CoD and MoH.

That way you can keep track of where you stand compared to your friends, rivals, and the rest of the world.
Black Ops and Conduit 2! <3
6 years ago#10
I want the old Halo "True-Skill" rating, but it would also track Kills, Deaths, Objectives etc. as well as Wins.

Matchmaking would also be better, since it would match you up with people who are of a similar skill level.
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  3. they need to improve the ranking system.

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