the sniper can pierce through walls... this worries me...

#11Aile_WingPosted 10/22/2010 8:11:41 AM
You are alerted as to when someone is targeting you through a wall.
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SmallerRidley posted...
This by itself? It isn't really. The 500th topic this week asking questions that have been posed before?
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well excuse me for having a life outside of GS

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Think about it.

Would you stay in one spot for a long time while there's a sniper out?

This somewhat eliminates camping; that's a good thing.

Plus, can you imagine long range sniper fights, and pulling off epic wall bangs and wall shots with the PR?
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well excuse me for having a life outside of GS

That's where the difference. GameFAQs has a search function on the boards, and, if I'm not mistaken, Gamespot does not. While this topic is nesessary on Gamespot... It isn't on GameFAQs.

.....*disappears back into euphoria of not being here while still being here*
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ya well i dont use gamefaqs and i havent been on in a while, so excuse me if my question has been asked who knows how many times before

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going by the way it seems to work in the video, I think the shooting through the wall thing is really only going to be a threat if you're camping.