Ford's New Voice (No Video Only Info)

#1toa1995Posted 10/22/2010 6:15:03 PM
Ford's new voice is.........
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#2Brownprouder23Posted 10/22/2010 6:41:27 PM
Duke Nukem's voice will be Michael Ford's? Am I going crazy here?
#3Icuras08Posted 10/22/2010 8:28:24 PM
So will Mr.Ford act like a secret agent Duke Nukem?
I hope Mr.Ford keeps his Idealist thoughts though, and not turn into a buff man.
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#4donkeypunch1116Posted 10/23/2010 1:07:45 AM
strip club level in Con2 confirmed! bet prometheus wishes he had a body now...

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#5The_ShaderPosted 10/23/2010 1:16:57 AM
i cant express how happy this makes me. i am willing to pay godly amounts of money for this game. At first i was upset that they lost their original voice actor, then accepted it, thinking that HVS found even a better suitable voice for their Hero.

But instead they found the epitome of badass..... time to hail to the king.
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#6slit_your_gutzPosted 10/23/2010 4:36:25 AM
Here's hoping for some one liners and trash talking.
#7Neo-ganonPosted 10/23/2010 10:58:52 AM

well actually HVS did say that says one-liners randomly whenever something happens. like in one gameplay video i saw the guy playing the demo got a headshot in the first campaign level and you hear ford go "bang."

so expect duke nukem esque one liners guys! :D

#8The_ShaderPosted 10/23/2010 1:09:45 PM
HVS is trying to make a legitimate badass shooter for the Wii. Theyr not gonna make this into a Duke Nukem game so we're NOT gonna see alot of one liners or rude remarks.

But it is pretty awesome that the Duke is getting more Alien necks to **** down xD
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
My Alias for Conduit= "Shader" Monster Hunter Tri= "Deimos"
#9Aile_WingPosted 10/23/2010 5:43:34 PM
How do we know that we won't get something along the lines of "ANNIHILA-DESTROY! ANNIHILA-DESTROY! ANNIHILA-DESTROY! ANNIHILATE!" or, in what I would consider to be one of the most trollific moves that HVS could pull, "Adams, where ARE YOOOUUU?!"
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#10coolman229Posted 10/24/2010 3:35:06 PM
So those one-liners that we came up with before can actually be in Con2?!?!
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