In memory of Conduit 2's old Release Date.....

#11ChangliniPosted 11/3/2010 10:16:12 AM
Hey, can you tell me if the KND thing is getting overused by me?
Oh how you haunt me.
#12gr295Posted 11/3/2010 2:42:27 PM

I want a stuffed ASE! That would be really cool. I should custom make some...I'd make millions.

#13LigersRulePosted 11/3/2010 4:33:39 PM
I'd be playing an unfinished game, most of the Wii community would be laughing at me, for being an active participant in the Conduit community when the first game was glitchy and the 2nd was even more terrible.

If you honestly think the delay didn't save the game, and even our reputation as Wii gamers on GameFAQs, though that matters very little.
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