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i haven't been keeping track of this game too much as the first one had some disappointments, what really worries me is the loadouts....the COD games are a huge turn off because of it.

i've played a lot of newer FPS titles and they seem to be incorporating this in some way. Halo: Reach for example, but they seemed to balance a lot of it out and they didn't incorporate perks.

Now i just bought Goldeneye 007 and i'm loving it in every way possible, including the multiplayer. it has loadouts but it doesn't seem to lose its balance which is great.

anyway...dunno why but i just thought i should post my impressions and my worries.

as for anyone who remembers me....HELLO!!!!
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This game will improve over Goldeneye 007 I think. I have GE too and it's awesome now but this one looks really promising and splitscreen and graphics improves too! The first one was kind of good but the hacking and glitching ruined it. This one will fix everything from the first one and like COD and GE, there will be perks and stuff.
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the perks still worry me but if it can be done right then i won't worry about it...i just think COD doesn't have a lot of balance because of it that's all, and i'm hoping that this game doesn't get ruined because of it
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I agree, I really don't like loadouts.
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sup flame...if you have goldeneye we should play some time...though i'm getting my wii fixed soon so it might be about a week :( but if you have it we should at least exchange FCs that way i'll have it when i get my wii back
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