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6 years ago#41
Okay, this joke is kinda old now.
6 years ago#42
^ What joke? were dead serious about this election dude.
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6 years ago#43
Is my sarcasm detector supossed to be going on shader?
6 years ago#44
im for sudhish as well

I am Time. -The Incognito Martian Enigma. FPS and RPGs FTW.
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6 years ago#45
I'm curious, Has everybody voted?
I think too much, and not in a smart way.....
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6 years ago#46
Well, after the ______ that went down. I'd imply that this whole voting fiasco has gone down the path of foul play.

Though, sense you needed to revive this thread, it is safe to assume that anyone interested in this has already voted.
Oh how you haunt me.

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