Another interview which went ignored?

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The thing that bothers me the most about this interview is this little nibble here:

Conduit 2's all-new "horde mode," Invasion... which only allows for local team-ups.

That's where High Voltage runs afoul of Nintendo's rules. True-skill matchmaking is easy; parties are tough. Corso's pretty sure it's against regulations to team up in any online mode, but they did secure a waver to partly bypass it and to circumvent the sticky Wii Friend Code issues.

Please, tell me what you guys think. Maybe it just means that we won't get a party system that is usable in Invasion mode?
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Someone please delete this topic.
Brawl will never die. At least I hope not.
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Nobody can delete it but a mod, and they won't unless it's completely against the ToS, which it isn't. You can lock it if you would like, though. If a topic has been dead for 5 minutes, click message detail under your user name in the original post and click lock topic. Then nobody can post in it, and it will slowly descend through the archives until nobody gives a crap anymore.
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