Possible new idea to make dual wielding work

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6 years ago#1

Ok hetes what im thinking:

must be two secondaries

there is a perk for ability to dual wield

you get rid of the lock on button and that button becomes your trigger

both sights controled by wii mote

no grenades

If there is any way to make this better post below

6 years ago#2

Sorry for the words that look weird my keyboard is starting to die.

6 years ago#3
You can't dual wield in a game with iron sights.
6 years ago#4
that works but the wont add it.....instead maybe they could use the zoom/ 2nd fire button instead, but they wont add it at this point.
6 years ago#5
1: this game doesn't have ironsights on every weapon
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6 years ago#6
Don't really care for dual wielding. I would take it if it was there at no extreme cost, but with everything you (poorly) listed, I would not waste my time with dual wielding then.
6 years ago#7

Area 51 accomplished this already. Say you have the common Assault Rifle already. 30 shots in the clip, fully automatic, accurate, powerful. Say you then kill a guy holding an Assault Rifle with a Assault Rifle. You THEN walk over his corpse and automatically pick up his Assault Rifle in your hand, dual wielding them. However, you cannot reload the corpses assault rifle, so whats in the clip is all that you can fire. Whatever clips of ammo the corpse has however is added to the amount of clips in your own pocket.

So your walking around, dual wielding assault rifles, see a target, and open fire. Your new assault rifle from the corpse runs out of ammo, you THEN drop it immediately and resumes firing from your single Assault Rifle. Done! Use for all human weapons in Conduit 2 so they're more unique and badass compared to the Trust, Drudge and whatever faction that might be in there.

tl;dr Kill people, pick up the same weapons your currently using from the new corpse, fire this picked up weapon till its out of ammo, then drop it immediately. Thats as far as Dual Wielding will be acceptable in this game.
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6 years ago#8
It doesn't have iron sights on every weapon?
How's that work?
6 years ago#9

From: slit_your_gutz | #008
It doesn't have iron sights on every weapon?
How's that work?

There's an alt-fire button instead of an independent ADS button. Only certain weapons have ADS because they either don't have an alt-fire or have a charge as an alt-fire (a couple have both, but they're exceptions).
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6 years ago#10

Im just thinkin of a way to have it i want it a little bit but im not completelly for it

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