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6 years ago#11
Meh, I probably glanced at what was mentioned in that stick for around three to four times, so I most likely forgot about it.

Along with many other things, many other things.
Oh how you haunt me.
6 years ago#12
The "over 30 perks" also includes weapon specific perks (Turret, etc), and most of the CoD perks have multiple effects.

Also, if there are 6+ customizable and 2-3 non-customizable models to choose from, are you really going to care that much?
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
It's ****ing satire, damnit. My quote rocks your socks.
6 years ago#13
Depends how much I can customize the first six and that's assuming that just three of them are Human.

Example, There might be 3 human models that you can change the leg, arm, head, and body armor with each part having around 10 exceedingly different variants that are very noticeable. Now along those models, there's another three that are alien models that you are restricted in just changing the color of the head, body, legs, and arms each with only one variant to them.

I will care.

Now, let's imply that the three human models lets you customize their shoes, gloves, hands, leg armor, chest armor, arm wear, face wear, and hat wear with each part having 5 exceedingly different variants. While the other three alien models only have body parts that you can switch with 5 other unique variants including ones that have armor.

I would still care but, with a dramatic drop of complaints.

Now, due I expect something better than what I typed in the latter to happen in most games dealing with customizable characters?


Oh how you haunt me.
6 years ago#14
Seriously? Customization actually takes time, it's not crazy fast. If they spent that much time in customization, they would need to either delay the game again or leave out a game mode they wanted to make. Dude, either lower your expectations or prepare to be disappointed. At the very best, they will release some extra models or customization features through DLC, but if you expect them to have all that at launch.... Well, you'll probably be wrong.
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6 years ago#15
Dude, I know that.

Honestly, if I didn't think of the exhausting time and effort that is put into making something to even scratch the surface of what I typed, I can guarantee you that you would have read something 10X worse than that ___ load of opinionated hype induced by the strategic word play used by the industry. Heck, if persuading wasn't the goal in most announcements for games throughout all these years of this industry, I would most likely would have not brought that up.

Also, does that no imply nothing?
I solely slabbed those two letters in there as a testament of what I'm typing in this very post.
Honestly, that totally contradicts what I typed and no flag goes off?

Side Note:
Disregard any tone you read this post in for a light tone, despite that last part.
Oh how you haunt me.
6 years ago#16

From: Changlini | #013
Depends how much I can customize the first six and that's assuming that just three of them are Human.

wut? Whether or not they're human doesn't have to do with anything. From v3 of Flame's sticky:

Multiplayer Skins Shown:
Here are a few pictures of the skins that I took from a video.

Agent and just one of the helmet variations


Another Agent(?)


unknown robot looking alien thing

awesome looking alien

You can see the customization in action here at about 3:45

There are 6 confirmed models of different species (although some might be the same model with really different pieces) that are customizable. What was your complaint again?
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
It's ****ing satire, damnit. My quote rocks your socks.
6 years ago#17

I blame bad placement of the word example.
Any objections?
Oh how you haunt me.
6 years ago#18
If their are over 30 perks it must seem like there are a lot of different perks but they seem like their would be no form of the "Pro" Variation from COD. So that each perk serves only one purpose or that the possible combinations will be endless and their will hopefully be no go to class.
6 years ago#19
Ok, about the 30 perks, we have NO IDEA how they will turn out. Since there is 4 equipable at the same time, maybe each one will only harbor one ability, and not multiple. HVS has yet to release any in-depths info on the upgrades, or their functions.

About the customization, Black Ops gives you 5 different character models to choose from, or perks that come with a specific type of character model. Theres no customization on the model itself. You can add whatever face paint you want, but thats as far as its character customization goes. BO has more weapon customization then character, and Conduit 2 has NO weapon customization at all as far as we know.

About Conduit 2's customization, we wont be switching body parts between factions. Like the Gaurd's helmet on the Agent's torso, with the Scientest gloves or whatever. You have a Faction, then you can get a **** load of different body gear for THAT faction. Eric Nofsinger or whatever his name is said that you can innesaly get a radio to put on your 'Gaurd' or 'Agent' Characters shoulder. OR! There could be a limited edition pre-order bonus for a 'Knife' to be placed on your 'Gaurd' or 'Agents' leg.

TL;DR, people here are wrong/mistaken about how the customization in Conduit 2 works. Black Ops has laughable customization, and Halo only allows control over Spartan armor, and not elite. (5-6 elite armors? really?)
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