Invasion IS online people!

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5 years ago#1
I dont know where you guys heard this, but I think its only a rumor someone made up. it is online.
5 years ago#2
I hate to be the one saying this.... But....

Link? Do you have any proof? I haven't ever seen anything confirming anything involving online or offline for invasion.
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5 years ago#3
Yes, linkpl0x.
5 years ago#4
Wait, wasn't invasion mode confirmed to have online co-op months ago?
5 years ago#5
I don't remember where, but someone on the board said that they aren't supporting online anymore.
5 years ago#6

This info was known ever since the game was announced in the Nintendo Power Article. Who was stupid enough to say it didn't support online Invasion?

For those of you who want proof:

5 years ago#7

According to a response Valdimir_Drega received from HVS, there is no longer online invasion mode. You can discuss whether he made it up or not, but either way I'm preparing for the worst.
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5 years ago#8
And by the way, that Nintendo magazine article is really REALLY old i believe. And the Newer version ((I think its a new version in the Nintendo Article)) doesnt say ANYTHING about Invasion Mode being online.

It is possible that Drega is trolling, but seeing as how some articles prove that Invasion Mode is Local only, its unlikely.

Tony could end the speculation though.
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5 years ago#9
I really dont know what to believe anymore...

Eric said its nintendo's fault that you cant team up online.
That email said it was because they couldn't make the code from the grinder work on this game...

Seriously hvs, the game comes out in two months! At this time, everything should be pretty much done and ready to be confirmed.
5 years ago#10 guys misinterpreted them. Drega is not a troll and HVS is correct. They said SINGLE PLAYER co-operative online play. This means you can't play the campaign co-operatively online. That doesn't mean you can't play the Invasion mode online.

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