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6 years ago#1
ITT: Create a loadout+perks that are a reference to an existing character from a videogame or movie. 1 primary + 1 Secondary, 1 nade type, 4 perks (a sample list is in the sticky).

Heavy of TF2
- Hive Cannon + SPAS
- Frags OR Rads OR Flashies (it doesn't matter)
-- 2 Primaries
-- Heavy Armor
-- Increased Damage
-- Field Medicine (Sandvich)
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6 years ago#2
Borderlands Classes-

Lilith: Siren- Focused on her ability to go invisible and her killing skills with smg's
Primary: ARC-Eclipse
Secondary: MP5KA
- Any Grenades
-- Armory (if MP5KA is primary)
-- MP5KA Perk
-- Improved Bullet Damage
-- ARC-Eclipse perk

Roland: Soldier- Focused on his turret as well as his support and general combat roles.
Primary: SCAR
Secondary: Turret
-Any grenades
-Reverse Damage
-Ammo Belt
-Turret Perk

Brick: Beserker- Focused on his role of getting up in peoples faces and punching the hell out of them. Alternatively can be used as a tank class by switching in Heavy Armor and IBD where I suggested.
Primary: SPAS
Secondary: SMAW
-any grenades
-Longer Melee Reach or Improved Bullet Damage
-Robot Legs
-Blinding Attack or Heavy Armor

Mordecai: Hunter- Focused on his glass cannon gunslinging abilities with the USP45 or HVS45, as well as his sniping capabilities. Sadly there's no way as of yet to represent Bloodwing :(
Primary: Phase Rifle
Secondary: USP 45 or HVS 45
-any grenades
-USP 45 (or HVS 45) Perk
-Improved Bullet Damage
-Phase Rifle Perk
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6 years ago#3
And the rest of the TF2 cast:

-Robot Legs (inf. sprint)
-Quickness (fast reload)
-High Jump (if there is one)
-Higher walking speed (if there is one)

-Ammo Belt
-Improved Damage
-Heavy Armor
-High Jump OR SMAW perk (if there is one)

Aegis Device
-Carbonizer Perk (if there is one)
-No idea

TPC Launcher
-Frags or Rads
-TPC Launcher Perk (if there is one)
-High Jump (sticky jumping)
-Black Scottish Cyclops

-Turret Perk
-Reverse damage

-Reverse Damage
-Ammo Belt
-Field Medicine
-Carbonizer Perk (maybe, and if there is one)

Phase Rifle
-Fast Reload
-Stealth (hidden on radar)
-Phase Rifle Perk

AR-C Eclipse
HVS .45
-Rads (sappers)
-Stealth (hidden on radar)
-Longer Reach/Blinding Attack
-AR-C Perk (depending on the effect)
-Robot Legs?
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
It's ****ing satire, damnit. My quote rocks your socks.
6 years ago#4
Trying to think of a movie character, somewhat famous.... i cant-

John "Reaper" Grimm (Karl Urban in Doom, the movie.)
-SCAR + USP.45
-Frag Grenades (Or whatever would be deadlier)

--Improved Bullet Damage
--Robot Legs
--Ammo Belt
--Quickness (Or the Blinding Attack, or Longer Melee Reach upgrade)

Sarge (Dwayne Johnson in Doom, the movie)
-Dark Star + SCAR
-Rad Grenades

--Improved Bullet Damage
--Heavy Armor
--Longer Melee Reach

Got Two :)
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