Things Conduit 2 was supposed to have first...

#11The_ShaderPosted 12/15/2010 5:13:12 PM
-- Zombies, CoD style = Defending the inside of a stronghold, waves of enemies trying to break in, as the number of waves are beaten, the stronger they become.

-- Invasion, Conduit style = Survive in common multiplayer map, Enemies spawn in the map and chase after you trying to gun you down, multiple waves that get stronger as beaten.

For those who have experienced the first can IMMEDIATELY tell that Conduit 2 is getting a VERY different invasion mode without even looking at this very simplified descriptions. And to make Conduit 2's invasion mode even more unique, playing it actually effects the online multiplayer mode. (You get money in it, and possibly unlock weapons and upgrades.)

To say CoD got their 'survival' mode first is just plain inaccurate seeing as how Conduit 2 is getting a WHOLE different mode alltogether.
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