Weapon of the Day: Day 4 - Turret

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6 years ago#1
Series Topic: Each day will have a particular gun as a theme, in which we'll discuss how it was in TCon and what we'll see in Conduit 2 (speculations and wants). Post anything you think would add to the topic of the weapon, including but not limited to: videos from TCon or other games, articles about real-life counterparts, anecdotes about playing a match, etc. Seriously, the more you post the better the topic is.

Day 4 - Turret/Sentry Gun

It's a deployable sentry gun. Shoots lasers.

E3 Compilation Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcoVXp7kL00 (around 1:35 and 2:28)

It doesn't appear to have ammo, but there is a temperature gauge so presumably it will overheat if fired too long. Firing requires you to aim with a small screen or use the Turret perk which allows the gun to autofire at targets it senses. No word on whether you can fire while carrying it, but probably not.

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6 years ago#2
I wonder what you do when you place the turret and use auto-fire. I'm guessing you're limited to your secondary while the turret does its thing.

I also wonder about destroying turrets. How difficult will it be to destroy them? Can you destroy them at all? Can the user place another one after the first is destroyed? How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? So many questions!

I can see myself setting up a turret and controlling it from a safe distance. That could lead to some pretty crazy streaks if done correctly. Hmm...the turret would probably be a primary target for the enemies, though. I'm interested in seeing how it plays out. Then again, I'm interested in seeing how everything plays out.
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6 years ago#3

honestly i think this gun may be abused a bit because think: if everyone on the team uses a turret durring team objective its going to be like impossoble to get in the base

6 years ago#4
I think the turret will be great for support setups. I'm definitely throwing it and it's perk on my team objective medic setup. I would like to see a perk that makes you impossible to be auto fired on by the turret though. Force them to control it manually in that case.
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6 years ago#5
I would have an AR-C Eclipse, a Turret, Stealth perk and Turret perk. Then, I could sneak into the enemy base, place the turret at a really hard to get to/see position, and then happily sit in my base while mowing down enemies. Actually, now that I think of it that way, it could be used for some pretty crazy spawn killing...

Anyway, it looks awesome, but I still think that Phase Rifle > all.
6 years ago#6
How do you deploy/pick up it? Maybe with Reload or A when near it?
6 years ago#7
Either of those sound plausible, actually... My guess is that little hand comes up and you press A.
6 years ago#8
I would think reload, since there's no ammo to reload. Either that or alt-fire.
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
It's ****ing satire, damnit. My quote rocks your socks.
6 years ago#9
Oh yeah, I wonder what the alt-fire is for that gun...
6 years ago#10
Another possibility: you carry the turret and can fire it from the hip and the alt fire is placing it on the ground.
I apologize for whatever I just said.
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