May buy a 3DS instead of Conduit 2

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5 years ago#11
Have you seen the charge stand though? I'm concerned about how comfortable its going to be to play while its charging.
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5 years ago#12
I'm pretty sure the cradle is to encourage you to charge it nightly (and keep it connected to the internetz for software updates similar to WiiConnect24), and that you can also optionally plug the AC adapter directly into the system.
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5 years ago#13
I'll wait a bit before I buy a 3DS. As a rule, I usually don't buy brand new hardware until it's been out at least 4 months, since there are usually some bugs to fix. I probably will end up getting one though.
5 years ago#14
Eh... I'd wait and see what the US launch games are. Not looking all that promising so far.
5 years ago#15
Yeah.. its important to learn about some new hardware before buying it... But from what all i learned, its just too damn promising to pass up. (The one hickup i have with it, is that its NEARLY as powerful as a PSP, NEARLY. Meaning, NOT AS POWERFUL. Serious let down right there.)

And after checking out the 3DS for awhile, i realized that the US release date is nowhere to be found. Its just releasing in Japan soon and theres no given date as to when or where it'll launch next.

So, it turned from "may buy a 3DS instead of Conduit 2" into "More then likely getting Conduit 2 over the new 3DS" Seeing as its not gonna show up for awhile.
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5 years ago#16
It's coming to the US in March.
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