Anyone seen the Conduit 1's performance review video?

#1Kirby_Pwns_AllPosted 1/11/2011 9:47:48 PM
I just found this on eurogamer after having watched the gameplay trailer again... I hadn't seen it before, don't know if anyone else has.

Since the framerate is to be uncapped this game, how do you think it might differ from the first one? I hope they do some sort of comparison afterward, I'd like to see how they stack up.
#2SupahShnipaPosted 1/12/2011 9:31:44 PM
Since the framerate is to be uncapped this game
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#3SmallerRidleyPosted 1/12/2011 9:53:20 PM
Reminds me, has anybody been into Best Buy and seen them running movie clips at 120 Hz? It looks so weird.
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#4elheberPosted 1/13/2011 10:04:56 AM
You mean TVs that display at 120Hz? I think it has to do something with the way the TVs process the images to splice in more frames than what comes in. Like, every other frame is an image interpolated from the previous and next frame. But you're right... its almost like it looks too smooth. I think movies are supposed to be 24fps and it looks wrong to have them be higher than that.
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