Two Quick questions

#1zcdsPosted 1/18/2011 3:04:11 PM

I think that I read this but is it true that the motion plus is optional? Also I read on another site that theres online/offline co-op is this true?

#2RyokoWinsPosted 1/18/2011 3:13:43 PM
Motion plus is optional.

The second question...I don't know what to think anymore. Some people say it's online or splitscreen, some people say it's only splitscreen. The general consensus here changes every 12 seconds or so.
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#3SmallerRidleyPosted 1/18/2011 3:29:38 PM
We have conflicting previews and no recent official word about co-op.
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#4zcds(Topic Creator)Posted 1/18/2011 4:49:44 PM

I saw in an interview the developer confirmed split screen co op, but said nothing about online support.

#5Kirby_Pwns_AllPosted 1/18/2011 5:06:46 PM
I'm pretty positive that it's no longer online, since Nintendo apparently doesn't like people being on teams. That's why they let HVS add a "Rivals" system. Thanks for trying to make gamers look even more antisocial, Nintendo.
#6ddd87Posted 1/18/2011 5:14:14 PM
^ lol, is not nintendo's fault, is hvs' lack of knowledge of their own coding