Conduit 2 - Delayed in North America Yet Again? 4/5/2011

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6 years ago#1
I Just hope is an error..
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6 years ago#2
I was wondering why the gamefaqs date had changed....I really hope this isn't true though I mean can't they just make a date they can stick with. I mean what big of a difference will a week even make in development..
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6 years ago#3

Idk but I hope it isnt true i only need ten more dollars to have the game payed for.

6 years ago#4
This really sucks if true....I said April at the earliest in one of my threads because of the 3DS and Crysis 2 in March. It seems obvious to me the the first priority of these delays are to avoid the competition than anything else. As I said before, it was shortsided on Sega's part and it should of been kept on track to release on FEb. 15th. You can't avoid the competition forever.

Damn this sucks...if it's true.
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6 years ago#5
They better come up with a flawless game with more features
6 years ago#6

If this delay is true I guess I have totry to get my parents to buy this game for me in early April.

6 years ago#7
Try to be optimistic people. This may be split screen online we are talking about here.
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6 years ago#8
Geez that's like the third time.... Getting a little tired of waiting....
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6 years ago#9
If you read the information regarding TC's link, you can see a few things are suspicious about it. Apparantly there is a newer version of the games cover art, and why the hell would Gamestop not use it? Not only that, theres not even a NORMAL Conduit 2 game, all there is on gamestop is the limited edition. Something just doesnt seem right....

Me thinks gamestop doesnt give a **** about this game, and is just making random dates or something.
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6 years ago#10
I want this to be true... (smited by trolls)
A push back means it will be better, so this might be bots or splitscreen online, or even god so help us an addition of DLC to the game for later updates
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