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#1AZN_FLiPSTAHPosted 1/25/2011 8:27:00 PM
Is Public Chat on for c2? I really hope there is public chat...HVS if your reading this, PLEASE HAVE PUBLIC CHAT!!
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#2RyokoWinsPosted 1/25/2011 9:19:54 PM
I'll take this one, guys.

There's no public chat. You can only talk to friends and rivals. However, you can add rivals without friend codes in the game lobby, so you could just add everyone in the game if you want and then just delete them later.
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#3xXDa-KidXxPosted 1/26/2011 12:08:32 AM
Well wait... there could be something like it. Because in the first conduit, the host could choose to start the match whenever he/she wanted, so if the headbanger headset works while in a hosted lobby, then that can serve as one.
#4ddd87Posted 1/26/2011 6:22:27 AM
This is one the things that are not allowed by nintendo. Why other games have it? Because they use other servers