Attention HVS, we want online invasioin

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6 years ago#11
Question: Are the Invasion maps designed like the Black Ops Zombie maps, or more like the rest of the muliplayer maps and you can run around in them?
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6 years ago#12
Like I said about the waivers, in theory they sent those in months ago when they talked about the online invasion mode.

Also, they submitted game info to stores that advertised it. This should mean that they sent in the waivers in already.

Hopefully, they have the savy to make it work and just didnt put it in because of the wait but now have 3 months to polish/balance multi-player and squeeze in just a co-op mode with some invasion bots.

The bots are already programmed from the splitscreen, so yeah, I think it is still possible.
6 years ago#13
They only need one month (thats what Tony said)

They have two now, if they only do some fixing is a huge waste of time and money (hvs wont work these months for free).

If its soooooooooo hard, them make it for two players online.
6 years ago#14
We would all like like for online Invasion to be in this game, but I can tell you right now bud, it's not going to happen. As HVS have said, they have had hurdles about it thanks to Nintendo, so it's not going to be in the final game.
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6 years ago#15
^Then how come is was already confirmed before? To me, it looks like HVS did get approval but they ****** up on their part. I think they're just saying it's Nintendo's fault when it's really their own.
6 years ago#16

Hey everyone carefully read the most recent news update for conduit 2 on gamespot. It says at the bottom of the article that HVS will be introducing "new CoOp modes" for online play. It sounds like team invasion mode will have an online mode to me.

6 years ago#17
^ I have my doubts on that one
6 years ago#18
More than likely, MP is going to on Nintendo's servers. Therefore, no online Invasion. Don't be too disapointed when the game comes out.
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6 years ago#19
Nintendo servers or not, they have 2 months to iron all of the problems out on a mode that they already have the zones, bots, and rules completed.

By the by, the guy who hosted that multi-player event that you can catch on youtube responded to the post on here.

He explained who showed up and justified why the guy that it focuses on might not have been up to snuff.

In any case, just another example why we need to keep pressing this matter until we are heard.

I posted their game feedback address on my first post on this thread, so email them, talk about this on other threads, and spread the word where you can that we want that online invasion mode.
5 years ago#20
Check out Sega's page:

Even they are advertising the online invasion mode. At what point did they just give up on it?

Seriously Sega, HVS, if you plan on stripping a mode out of a game, you might want to take it off your own websites on top of announcing it more publicly that you have yet to include it in your game.
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