Concerns and Opinions.

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4 years ago#11

The multiplayer will be balanced seeing as to how they are spending 2 and a half months just balancing it.

I know respawn time would be customized in splitscreen, but I was talking about when youre playing online. I don't want time in between death and respawn to be more than 5 seconds. It just kills the flow of the game for me. That's just my opinion.

4 years ago#12

I was also thinking as a visual perk, why not shake the screen and the gun more so that it feels more adrenaline filled? Gears of War has it and so does KZ3 and Bulletstorm. I think it would look cool. Ofcourse there should be the option to turn it off for people that don't want it.

4 years ago#13
The_Shader, when they were showing off the blackhole gun during the live broadcast, the gun spoke its charge level every time it killed someone. Since it was being shown off in Invasion mode, it spoke quite a bit at first.

In regular matches, it might not be so bad. You won't be killing things as fast, and the gun announcing its charge is probably meant to be as much an aid to the user as a warning to everyone else that the alt fire is becoming available. Several people using it in the same match might be annoying, but I've a feeling people will go for surer fast kills, rather than something that requires kills to "charge" for one strong shot.
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