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6 years ago#1
About game customization options for random online vs w/friends vs local multiplayer yet?

I mean, because I really majorly don't like the restrictions you typically find online.

For local in particular, I want to be able to control match length, match stock, friendly fire on/off, Damage ratios, turn regenerating health off. MULTIPLAYER CHEATS!!!!! not just single player.
People here have mentioned turning off loadouts for a "classic mode" which I think would be awesome.

Is the local play going to just be a copy of the online, Or is going to be for real?
6 years ago#2
In the customization screen for private matches, you could change number of points to win a round, gravity, health, and other things. I don't really want to find it in the four hours of video, but I'll check the spots I think it might be in and post a screen if I find it.
6 years ago#3
Sorry for the double post, but:

Player stat modifiers:

Rule modifiers:

Video: (customization starts at around 9:50)
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