So, what new enemies do we know of so far?

#1Phasmatis92Posted 1/30/2011 1:11:12 PM
Not counting bosses or that ship that chases you in the rail-shooting segment, the only new ones I've noticed are the robot dogs, unmanned turrets, and the "jade warriors."

Have I missed something or have the rest not been shown yet?
#2Korby9000Posted 1/30/2011 1:20:14 PM
There are the big, red, bulky, armored Trust guys we've seen on the Oil Derrick. Given the existence of the "Cyborg" multiplayer skin, I imagine those will also be found at some point.
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#3Numbuh100Posted 1/30/2011 1:25:31 PM
I hope they give shotguns for those guys.
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