they should show drinking an orange soda.

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5 years ago#1

like as part of a first person cutscene. like open the level with a can up close, then pull away and you hear ford saying "AHHHHH!!!! I feel better!"

5 years ago#2
Adams should be eating a bag of Doritos.
5 years ago#3
Prometheus: Ford, would you share, please?

Ford: You don't have a mouth Prometheus.

Prometheus: D_:
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5 years ago#4
He should have thrown a can of orange soda in the first cutscene rather than the wrench.
I'll put something more interesting here later.
5 years ago#5

Better yet, there should be a cutscene where Ford is chillaxin' in a chair and drinking a few cans of orange soda, setting them down in a row, ontop of a desk, one after another. THEN takes the ASE and smashes them flat before throwing them away.

Mr. Ford: *gulp gulp* AHHH.... .... *Holds up ASE*
ASE (Prometheas): Micheal? W-what are you doing?! NO! WAIT!!!!

Mr. Ford then proceeds to smash 12 cans of Orange Soda in rapid succession. The ASE and Prometheaus both making all sorts of shreaks, and screams in agony.

Mr. Ford: ****ing thang is harder than my balls of steel!
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  3. they should show drinking an orange soda.

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