Multiplayer Models

#1Jonsey117Posted 2/1/2011 9:17:12 PM
So, we have been confirmed to have 7 multiplayer models. Given what I've gathered from videos, the models include
--Trust Soldier
--Drudge Drone
--Female Destroyer
--Jade Warrior
This video shows us the in game store, and lists the characters you buy from it. I cannot, however, read the one at the bottom, so if you know what it says, feel free to tell. UltimateFlame13, fell free to use this information in v5 of your compilation.
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#2Icuras08Posted 2/1/2011 10:26:41 PM

Lizard alien
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#3Kirby_Pwns_AllPosted 2/1/2011 10:49:30 PM
^Cool as that guy may be, he looks outrageously vulnerable to headshots compared to the other models. I wonder if HVS considered that and made a smaller hitbox or something...
#4The_ShaderPosted 2/2/2011 7:06:51 AM
^ Possibly reptilian head. Meaning, since the brain is super tiny, as is the "Headshot" zone. After all, whats the point of the headshot if all you did was shoot off the ear? Or in this guys case, his giant forehead that has nothing in it besides hot air.

My secondary is gonna be the Jade Warrior, and depending on the armor pieces he gets, maybe my most favorited.

Destroyer armor is bulky... stereo typical for sci-fi shooters. The sight of the Jade Warrior model makes me think to Samurai Jack and those black, wicker basket hat wearing, ninja samurai robots. And Samurai Jack is one of the badass cartoons i've seen, ever. Far superior to Naruto and Bleach. (I'm not some 10 year old dweeb, i'm 22 and grew up with DragonBall... so i'm 'susceptible' to these type of shows... oh, and Bleach sucks.)

... Jade Warrior also reminds me of that... Rydon? guy from Mortal Kombat, the white dude with lightning for eyes.
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#5_Azeal_Posted 2/2/2011 8:19:41 AM
Ahh, so thats how the customization works? I was hoping I could put alien heads on a head body and so forth. What we get is fine though, I was just hoping to create some funny looking guys.
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#6Korby9000Posted 2/2/2011 9:18:44 AM
the "Lizard Alien" looks distinctly similar to the Drudge Drone, so it might just be some customization done on that model.
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#7RyokoWinsPosted 2/2/2011 7:16:23 PM
In the beginning of this video

he mentions a scientist skin. You think it's the scientist returning or is it just the cyborg?
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#8ChangliniPosted 2/2/2011 7:19:37 PM
Now why wouldn't the old multiplayer skins from the previous game return?
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#9ZenoExpert25Posted 2/2/2011 7:19:42 PM
Probably just the old scientist although I did see a color change in his outfit in SinglePlayer.
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#10RyokoWinsPosted 2/2/2011 7:53:43 PM
He said 7. I thought that meant only those 7.
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