how do you want the inevitable Adams boss fight to play out?

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The_Shader posted...
^ Are you ****ing kidding me...

Prometheaus isnt a clone. Fact.

And the take on the Annunnaki is from HVS point of view of what would work for their game. So its not gonna be the from the Sumerians point of view.

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I never said he was or wasnt a clone. I never even brought him up in the conversation. And you can barely see that alien at the end of the credits. He's all shrouded in darkness for effect.

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Personally I see Adams going One-Winged Angel on us Annunaki-style, or him revealing some kind of copy of the Destroyer suit. Now that would be epic.
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I always thought Adams would be in an Egg-Walker, And have lines like "Curse you filthy blue hedgehog",
"Youve foiled my invasion plans again", "How dare you call me EggMan", and "I`m not Robotnick".
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Adams resurrects George Washington and implants Annuki brains into him. Mr.Ford and his brother, Henry Ford have a fist fight with George Washington over the fate of the universe. After you beat up George Washington, Adams comes out riding the Leviathan.

"Good by Mr.Fords! I'll return to pry both of your ASE's form both of your cold dead hands! HaHaHa!"

"Hurry Michael, get on top of a Leviathan and chase after him!"
"Move it Henry! Don't let that maggot get away!"

After an epic Leviathan chase scene, Adams gets eaten by all 3 leviathans.
After that scene, both Mr.Fords goes back to their mothers house. She tells them that John Adams is their father, and Mr.Ford is actually half Annuki. Mr.Ford kills himself because he was what he hated the most, an alien.
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Why so serious? Let them have their fun.
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Are you... tconslayer?
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.... i just cant see how people dont understand the concept of who, and who isnt a clone, and somehow determine that the person WHO WAS CLONED is reptilian.

Prometheaus = Annunnaki

Prometheas + Cloned = Drudge

Drudge = Annunnaki clones

Drudge = Look insect-like

Drudge = Prometheaus = Annunnaki = THEY ALL ARE BASED OFF OF INSECTS
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
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