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5 years ago#21
Thanks a million Tony, for your hard work not only on the game, (which I'm getting day 1 and I'm sure will rock) but on staying in touch with (and putting up with, sometimes) this little fanbase of ours. ;)

Truly appreciated man, all the best in your future endeavours. If the animation of the Leviathan is anything to go by, you'll have no trouble! ;)
5 years ago#22

Hey tony, any chance of you putting a Conduit reference in Alvin and the Chipmunks 3? Nothing really out there or anything (a trust logo in the background thats 1/2 visible will do). lol

5 years ago#23
I wonder if that would be copyright....
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5 years ago#24
I read that question like 10 times, and still nothing >.>

Thats pretty cool of Tony though, hope he enjoys that new job
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(message deleted)
5 years ago#26
Good luck!
5 years ago#27
Good for you man! Have fun with your new job :)!
5 years ago#28
Good luck Tony! Thanks for everything you've done both on the board, and in the game.
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5 years ago#29
What all of them said. :P
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5 years ago#30
Thanks Tony for all the effort that you and the team put into this game!!!
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