Admit it, we are all tconslayer

#11tconslayerPosted 2/14/2011 4:18:58 PM

Who the heck is tconslayer?

#12LigersRulePosted 2/14/2011 5:38:08 PM
Who the heck is tconslayer?

inorite? I think it's the TC. He said himself, he was tconslayer....

On a completely unrelated note..... Whatever happened to Johnny?
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#13gr295Posted 2/14/2011 7:06:13 PM

ME grammar,: always. read-able i thunk/

Me**; tyconSLAYoR?

#14gr295Posted 2/14/2011 7:07:54 PM

^Just read a packet of chopsticks, and tconslayer looks like a grammar god. We all mess up. So yes, I admit to occasionally tconslaying.

#15SupahShnipaPosted 2/14/2011 7:59:29 PM
Whatever happened to Johnny?
He's drinking Orange Soda and eating some Doritos.
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#16RyokoWinsPosted 2/16/2011 4:55:43 PM
Actual LOL. Way to be a good sport, man.
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