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5 years ago#1
-Hive Cannon?
-Health system?
5 years ago#2
-Conduits? NEW
-Voices? OLD
-Hive Cannon? NEW
-Health system? OLD
5 years ago#3

-Conduits? OLD
-Voices? OLD
-Hive Cannon? NEW
-Health system? NEW

5 years ago#4






Now that felt stupid...

5 years ago#5

^Oops, had caps lock on.

5 years ago#6
i liked what they did with the scar in the first one i mean it just looks kinda dumb i mean i want my burst fire sniper rifle or i mean at least i normal scope back on scar
5 years ago#7
Conduits? Old.
Voices? At this point Old but that is open for change.
SCAR? Old.
Hive Cannon? New.
Health System? Probably old but can't say for sure.
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5 years ago#8
-Conduits: The new ones are blue right? I think I like the old firey ones most.
-Voices: They are different... I am kinda leaning towards the old ones though.
-SCAR: New
-Hive Cannon: New
-Health system: Old
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5 years ago#9
-Conduits: Either or, ones blue ones red, i dont care.
-Voices: New, they grew on me. At first, much hated and much liked, now its all like.
-SCAR: New. Less sniper rifles is a good thing.
-Hive Cannon: New, or Old if they got rid of the 'Wrist turn to change fire and spread'.
-Health system: THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME... except in Conduit 2, you dont see a health bar. So instead of "Health System" it should just be "Health Bar".

Honestly... do people REALLY need a health bar that damn much?
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5 years ago#10
^ yes

And the hive cannon now shoots a single para-mite per shot so there's no twist function
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