Do you prefer the new of old...

#21The_ShaderPosted 2/24/2011 3:24:00 AM
Well the thing about the first game that set it more as a "Halo" game was the necessity for headshots. Looks like its still important here, the difference is that now theres more variable in the battlefield to worry about. ((That, and customization is NEVER a bad idea. Theres more customization in this game then any shoot out there so far. ****ing love that!!!))

And if you were a really experienced and knowledgeable player.. (Like me and quite a few others) You'd have your shootouts by a med-pack on the ground so while shooting at guys and being shot at, you can just strafe to it and get instant health if needed. ((Totally saved my ass quite a few times in Warehouse, Complex, and Streets.))
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