Is tconslayer the king of Conduit or something?

#31Number_34Posted 3/3/2011 10:22:36 PM
.... How so? 'thee' is an actual word, just as much as 'thy' is too.

Well if you meant it as the old english word "thee" I believe you are using it wrong. Based off of the dictionary definition of thee - an old word for `you' used only when addressing one person, especially God (usuallyThee), as the object of a verb We thank Thee for Thy goodness.

Thus your sentence translates to: tconslayer would be "you" guy to post bad topics, and have the worst grammar ever all the time.
#32The_ShaderPosted 3/3/2011 11:01:31 PM
^ Really? ... i get that "Thee" would mean "You" but "Thee" has to have more uses to it than just that and the 'god' thing.

wow... just wiki'd it and its one hell of a complicated word... well i'm never gonna use it again. easier then trying to understand its many uses and/or ways its used. i'm just gonna capatileze "The" from now one to put emphasis on it.
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