Chances this game wont be like TC?

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6 years ago#12
In terms of framerate, i think they'll be much better this time around.

Quantam 3 is probably a much more powerful engine this time around, with managing graphics an such in a much better way. This would mean better framerate and performance overall. ((It can handle more enemies at a time now too.))
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
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6 years ago#13

namVVoa posted...

Well, what made the controls feel sluggish and jittery was I think the frame rate which was poor. The controls did not feel as smooth as Moh:h2, CoD WaW, MWR, or BO.

As for lockon, it totally ruined TC. It evened out the playing field. It basically came down to whoever had the fastest trigger finger. Just hold lockon and press fire as fast as you can = gun battles. Also, the strafing in the game was very slow and sluggish. It took forever to change direction, but maybe that was suppose to be in the game.

I just hope C2 turns out well.

Turning depended on you customization, and sensetivity, no game is perfect, and i still don't see the problem with lock on, i got over people who locked on me, i dodged them, so thats just my opinion.

6 years ago#14
Lock-on allowed players to ABUSE lock-on by setting the aiming cursor to "Auto-Center" whenever it gets moved offscreen.

So essentially, you turn on auto-center, lock-on, and watch how you magically get headshots over and over. its game breaking.

Even if it werent abused this way, lock on still took away competitive play, its only when people are out of lock-ons range is it still competitive. Which is where people who excelled with the SCAR and Striker gained the advantage.

TL;DR, Whatever was going on in The Conduit doesnt matter anymore, Conduit 2 looks to have fixed all the online issues of the game.
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
My Alias for Wii Online = "Shader" Monster Hunter Tri = "Deimos"
6 years ago#15

^I didn't even know that lol. Man, i could've been like 50 times better. As for actual lock-on, is was sorta gamebreaking, and I have to admit I did use it fairly often. Until I started getting good at aiming. Then, I only used it on the cross-streets-SCAR-fights, but that was only to even out the competition. Still, it was an implemented feature, so people shouldn't judge. The new lock-on seems a lot more me style. Highlights the target, yet you can still use it without being called a noob. XD

6 years ago#16

I rarely use lock on for three reasons:

1. So i can focus on more than one enemy.

2. I was good with aiming anyway.

3. Madawesome Skills ;)

6 years ago#17
It's great that you don't use lock-on, but lock-on evens the playing field. I just popped in TC last night and what lock on basically does is the moving for you. It automatically turns you and your screen wherever the enemy moves. All you have to do is press the fire button; movement with the wii mote is non-existent. I really hope the lockon in C2 isn't like this. I was watching a multiplayer vid and the person was using lock-on for every kill and it looked like it was the same like in TC, where the lockon turns for you. :(
6 years ago#18
The lock on will keep your enemies onscreen, but not centered. This is more noticeable with enemies that are further away. Again, if you really loathe lock on, play the hardcore playlist.
6 years ago#19
I used lock on mostly because I'm so used to a more mainstream fps setup up having an ADS button, and it was just kinda instinct to use lock on. But yea it looks good
6 years ago#20

I think went you turn off Lock on, its replaced with Iron sights

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