Chances this game wont be like TC?

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5 years ago#21
Do you have a link that isn't broken? It isn't letting me view that even though I'm signed in.
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
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5 years ago#22

Funny thing is, I never used lock-on until like my Silver triangle level. I didn't know it existed until then.

5 years ago#23
Lock-on IS NOT replaced by Iron Sights -_-

The point about Lock-on being broken is that it can be used WITH "Auto-Center". Now even if you lock on, you still have to aim at the center of the screen. But once you get good at aiming at the center, it becomes easy. You still have to aim, but it becomes very easy.

Again, Conduit 2 has a soft lock-on now, problems been solved.
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5 years ago#24

^Said i THINK, who knows, maybe, but sence you can turn in off, i'll change the "Lock-on" button with iron sights lol.

5 years ago#25
Lock on didn't bother me to be honest. I seem to remember the better players didn't bother with it.

I say play it how you like as long as you don't cheat like most in the last game.
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