man i'm getting kinda pumped now.

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5 years ago#1
I'm getting 2 games for my birthday and my birthday is in april, i'm getting portal 2 (ps3) and of course
Conduit 2.

at first i was kinda meh about this game, but now i'm really starting to get into it.
unfortunately, i don't have high speed internet right now so i can't play online yet, but there is a high speed internet company working around here so hopefully it'll be done by april.

i'm still pretty excited because of the splitscreen, new campaign and Invasion mode.
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5 years ago#2
I am actually getting worried that it won't be as good as I hope. I really want it to be great, but... I dunno. This mainly applies to the online play. I campaign looks great, as does the spiltscreen. But I REALLY REALLY hope the online works nice and smoothly.
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5 years ago#3
tell me, what mostly worries you?
i know you said online, but what part of the online specifically.
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5 years ago#4
hackersssss. I ****in hated hackers in TCon. Nobody needs a fully automatic rocket launcher.
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5 years ago#5
well they said they would be able to deal with glitches/glitcher, but as far as hackers i don't know.

i do know that all they have to do to fix a hack is patch it like a glitch, but more complicated. we'll see.
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5 years ago#6
I have done the most logical thing I could think of to tolerate the delays, I put my addictions into other areas.

I have put in easily over 100 hours into MHTri and have gone from just doing the 3 stars missions online to pawning the Alatreon as a gunner in a sleep bomb run. Despite what they say on their board, sleep bombing is fun and when it takes them 30 minutes to do what a group of gunners can do in 7 minutes then we have a problem; 3 gunners when we want a great sword guy chopping off its tail.

Anywho, yeah, not hyped for con2 at all.

I would like to play it, and I would like to believe it will be fun; however I know that they do not have invasion online now which is a buzzkill for me, the graphics are good but am currently playing a game from last year that probably has them beat hands down on graphics and addictiveness, they added a silly water balloon game which could have made room for invasion mode online, the upgrade system is giving me the feeling that certain people are going to be abusing certain setups, the delays have jaded me a bit, the US is getting screwed on the pre-order stuff again, they are probably going to use a code system for the pre-order stuff in the US which means everyone will be using the items on day one which were supposed to be incentive for the pre-order people, and they have chosen to make light with dialogue puns but will probably ruin the single player experience for me having to hear that knuckle dragger speak in place of a more intelligent agent, the voice from the first game.

Honestly, I want to play this game, but I think we are getting bent over the orange soda machine and being told that they are trying their hardest while they take our money. The only way we will see Con3 where they make amends for Con2 is if we play it. I know the game will have an awesome multi-player experience despite them cutting one of the more enjoyable ideas, invasion mode if you didnt know.

I am almost certain that this game will be like Highlander 2, non cannon bull and ridiculous plot directions, where the following movies never make reference to that steaming pile of film and the sequels of TCon will after this one will pretend that Con2 never happened.

I can just picture them bringing back the voice actors from the first and starting out with a soap opera feel of Ford waking up complaining about a bad dream he had then Promethius laughing at the idea of Ford spitting out cheesy one liners. Heck, the should throw in a duke nukem mini game that Ford can play just to make fun of Con2.

Anyway, yeah, I am not hyped at all for this game coming out after its countless delays and continual let downs on certain key things that could make or break a game like this for people who might try it.
5 years ago#7
Dear Mr. Masta,

Please note that you do not hate hackers in that instance, you hate exploiters. I hope you understand that even you can pull off that feet, and there are plenty of Youtube videos that explain how to do it. I watched them to understand the process to see what I can do to thwart it.

If you see someone constantly dropping a weapon and heading toward an ammo crate, that man is about to use an exploit. What to do? If he is on another team, make sure he dies away from the ammo crate. If he is on your team then you will probably see him kill himself with a grenade. Take the item he dropped and try to move it away by doing the same pickup and drop rotating thing he did or leave a hand gun in its place if he dropped something like a shotgun or a smg.

Hackers are the ones you will note that cannot be killed no matter how many point blank shots you get on them, they are the ones that move faster than the game can process and can sometimes run through a wall.

Another exploit is there are empty pockets in some wall programming that people walk through especially on the streets.

Exploiters are lower than hackers because it takes less effort and no thought, and whenever I have played with an exploiter when they play fair and start getting their keester handed to them they abandon tactics for exploits. Despite the exploit though, they can still be killed.
5 years ago#8
I am just worried that online won't play smoothly. Like in the first game, if someone jumped while close to a ceiling, they'd go right through it, and come back down on my screen. Also the lag causing people to skip around was really annoying. I know that really boils down to the persons connection... but Goldeneye doesn't seem to has much of an issue with this.

I am also worried about weapon balance, and the people that play in general. Why did so many want the explosive weapon set? WHY!? Loadouts are nice now, but I still worry about finding only SMAW users in matches. I know you online get like 2 shots now, but most people died before firing two in the first game anyway... BLAH!

Aegis device will be fun though, but I also wonder how lag will affect it.
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5 years ago#9
Fireteam in combat arms used to be only doable with hackers.
Fun times over there.
NER , Oh how you haunt me.
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5 years ago#10
Thank Mr. Totten for clearing that up, I was confused on my terminology.
While I am dismayed that you are not excited for the release of Conduit 2, I am glad you have solid reasons. Also, thank you for tips on how to stop the exploits from happening, that should be very helpful in my Conduit online experience. I do wish, however, that you buy the game, or even just rent it, before you (for lack of a better term) "trash" it. I know you aren't down-right saying negative things about it, but do give it a chance. I have believe that High Voltage Software has potential, and even if Conduit 2 isn't all we hoped for, a Conduit 3 will be released.
I agree that the time and money put into a mini game should have been put into and online invasion mode. I have faith that the online experience with other game modes will be more than enough to make up for it though, and that the campaign will also be a nice deep, fun, story.
Thank you for your thoughts on this game, they have definitely made me think of it from a non-fanboy side of things. Sincerely, USPmasta
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