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5 years ago#11
JaggiMan, i highly doubt that splitscreen will have all the features from online.
infact, i highly doubt it will even have half.

i have neither read nor seen any sources that state split-screen will have alot of of the features from online and also, it's not very advertised, but the online, story, and invasion modes have been.

We will have to wait and see for sure but as for now, don't assume things.
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5 years ago#12
Well invasion and some sort of splitscreen conflict/team conflict(from an interview, some link on the first page, they seem to have a good amount of modifiers for offline and like 5 or 6 modes) would more than enough for me. I do tend to assume a little too much though so I kinda need to cut back on that xD. Still can't wait though
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5 years ago#13
There are plenty of things to worry or stay cautious about this game, but split screen support is not one of them. Just check the enormous amount of information available here and elsewhere.


At 3:50

Options for split screen:

* Basic game mode select (Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Team Objective) = Same as online

* Rule select (Deathmatch, Balloon Battle, etc) = Same as online

* Map Select (All 12) = Same as online

* Modify Rules (Time, Deaths, Capture limit) = Same as private matches

* Global Modifications (Health, Speed, Gravity, Loadout settings, Radar toggle, Lock on toggle, etc) = Same as private matches

* Customization of your character look and loadout is the same for every mode, online or not.

So it seem that split screen is as fully featured as online private matches.
5 years ago#14
ddd87, thanks for the info, i'm happy because i may not have fast enough internet until june or july.
Ps3/Wii owner; PSN: mode334
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