after playing black ops, goldeneye, and killzone 3...

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5 years ago#11
Back in '09, this is how most people played TCon:

1). Lock-on
2). Constantly jump
3). Spam B with whatever gun you're using
4). Kill the person
5). Repeat

I don't want it to be like that with this game.

Also, jumping doesn't help with evasiveness... at all... it makes you look rather stupid in my opinion.
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5 years ago#12

^Actually it does if you do it right, upm, i still don't under stand how its possible to spam a trigger in an FPS

5 years ago#13
^Actually it does if you do it right

No, Strafing helps, Jumping doesn't. You just give the guy free body shots and you cant change direction for a second or so.
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5 years ago#14

Straff Jumbing dude, idk, it help me :/

5 years ago#15

donkeypunch1116 posted...
its gonna be so refreshing to play conduit 2 :)

no insane amounts of realism, a radar thats actually useful, and health!!! yes, health! its been so long since ive played a shooter where someone didnt die with a quick burst of gunfire. ive missed having a nice chunk of health, as fire fights boiled down to actual head to head confrontations. not some noob in a corner one shot killing you when you run through a doorway, but two players actually dukeing it out, skill vs skill.

this game is gonna be a much needed change of pace. anyone agree?
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5 years ago#16
Totally agree topic creator. I'm so tired of uberrealism in shooters. I want something arcadey and The Conduit fits the bill. The first was meh but I sure this will game will be better in almost all aspects. Plus, I love me some lazerbeems. I'm tired of conventional weaponary.
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5 years ago#17
^ And Halo doesnt cut it for me. Its 'future' human weapons vs. weird tech alien weapons. Hardly any variety. Since i only had a PS3 for like a month, i didnt play Killzone or Resistence... i still feel like i missed out on something.

But yeah, Conduit has Bio-Alien weapons ((That you can shove you WHOLE arm into!)) current human weapons, and REALLY insane tech weapons.

Oh yeah... Conduit 2 still has the most customization than any shooter out there. Controls, character models, weapons, and even more customization options to go with the perks! Why be forced to have one or the other when you can have a little bit of BOTH!!! ((I'm talking about 'Stopping Power' and 'juggernaut'.))
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5 years ago#18
Haha, yeah Halo weapons were surprisingly boring for me as well. Human weapons were... shotgun, machine gun, etc. The Covenant weaponary was a bit better. I really liked that big red laser cannon thing.
no thing I do don't do no thing but bring me more to do.
5 years ago#19
What I didn't like about Halo reach was that about 50% of the time you'd be using a DMR. I really hate that weapon.
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