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5 years ago#1


Phase rifle- 25,000
Widowmaker Turret- 26,000
Acr Eclipse- 27,000
Smaw- 55,000
Carbonizer Mk16- 57,000
Dark Star- 60,000
Tpc launcher- 22,500
Aegis Device- 20,000
Shrieker- 17,000
Hive Cannon- 7,500
Strike rifle- 3,500
HVS45- 30,000
Deatomizer- 7,500
Warp Pistol- 7,500
Radiation Grenade- 5,000
Flash Grenade- 2,500


Capasitor- 15,000
Heavy Armor- 15,000
Explosive Focus- 15,000
Energy Focus- 15,000
Reverse Damage- ???
Ammo Salvage- 15,000
Essense Salvage- 15,000
Widowmaker Spec- 15,000
Phase Rifle Spec- 15,000
Aegis Device Spec- 15,000
Mending- 5,000
Light Armor- 4,500
Improved Melee- 4,500
Improved Explosions- 4,500
Improved Ballistics- 4,500
Improved Energy- 4,500
Phase rifle tuning- ??? (No longer warned about being targeted by phase rifle)

Character Models

Drudge Drone- 20,000
Destroyer- 30,000
Female Destroyer-???
Jade Warrior-???


Lightweight Helm- 10,000
TacOps Helm- 15,000
Battle Helm- 20,000
Overseer Visor- 20,000
War Visor- 30,000
Outbreak Mast-???


Lightweight Pad-???
Battle Pad-???
War Greaves-???

5 years ago#2
Phase rifle tuning- ??? (No longer warned about being targeted by phase rifle)


He that speaks much is much mistaken -Benjamin Franklin
5 years ago#3

Where did you gut this information?

5 years ago#4

^ Lol the funny quote is: "It should come with a tent"

5 years ago#5

I got it off of the new interview.

5 years ago#6

Link please?

5 years ago#7


5 years ago#8
"men in every video i see, nofsinger have a diferent hairshort xD"

Haha someone commented on the video with that. It really cracked me up.
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5 years ago#9
With those prices its going to take a while to unlock every bit...

But I like it
5 years ago#10

^ Yes it will but thats where replay comes in. Im really hoping that with the limited edition you get a code to get you like 100,000 credits to start out.

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