I`m hoping HVS will remove the Idle Kick anyone else?

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5 years ago#11

if you realy dont want to be kicked... and your only going to be away for like a minute just set something on top of your nunchuck so you just walk sideways into a wall. but thats if your away getting the phone or something

5 years ago#12
TC obviously really hates the wait it took in order to get into a match in The Conduit. Thats understandable, the wait would be unbearable especially because of the half comma glitch thing. i would often multitask when trying to get into a lobby, make a snack, check my comcast for shows/movies that might be coming on later that night, or just switch to normal TV and watch... commercials -_-

However, this isnt The Conduit, but its sequel. Things this time are gonna be ALOT better as said by HVS. Since its still Nintendo's crappy servers ((Gamespy's actually)), the connecting speed wont be that much better, but still better.

Other games out there in the world are doing **** too when it comes to online connectivity. Its impossible to get into a working lobby on my 360 with Nazi Zombies on Black Ops. If i REALLY want to play, i have to start my own private lobby, then invite the randoms i just recently tried joining a match with.

Not only that... almost all the competitive games in the world are still being controlled by lag. Whoever's hosting, or has any sort of lag advantage, has a VERY superior advantage against the other players.

TL;DR, The Conduit took forever to join a GOOD match, alot like every other game on any system. So its understandable for TC to multi-task while he waits. But to be away from the Wii for 10 minutes was a little too much. Conduit 2 will have a speedier online, HVS said so.
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5 years ago#13
Well, it might take a little longer to join a match (but judging by the amount of time it takes to join matches in Black Ops, it's not that much longer), but the nice thing about how HVS set up their online is there is no host. Games won't end pre-maturely and there is no host advantage (or, again in the case of Black Ops, no host disadvantage). Last year, I thought the way HVS set up their online system was a disadvantage. Now I think it's a strength.

I can't wait for this game.
5 years ago#14
^ ..... you.... you just said the opposite of all that i just said... Well i'm not mad or anything but just really confused.

The Black Ops stuff i'm not entirely sure about, but theres still hosts in black ops ((The 360 version!!!)) and the hosts get insane advantages, enough to warrant them extra vital seconds ahead of other players. ((You know when a host has an advantage when a match JUSTS starts, and you check everyones bars, and one team shows 2-3 bars, while the other team shows 3-4 bars. Where afterwards, the bars would blink away to everyones current connections. You can use this when fighting against people in some other time zone too. In which case the advantage goes whoevers connection the game is using.))

Why would Conduit 2 take longer now? .... the Quantum 3 engine is performing even better this time around, HVS can patch the online, and have created better playlists and lobbies for players to choose from.
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5 years ago#15

Black Ops still usses hosts, but it's supposed to have client side hit detection which negates much of the hosting advantage and hosts often encounter frame rate issues that slows down their reaction time (at least on the Wii version). Nobody want's to be host anymore. Host Wiis sometimes freeze as well. Treyarch has said they are looking in to what can be done to minimize the issue.

I didn't mean Conduit 2 would take longer than Conduit 1 (i didn't explain myself very well). The system I'm assuming Conduit 2 will be using (the same system The Conduit used) does take longer than host/client systems because everybody has to connect to each other (versus everyone connection to one source). As long as it's done right, I now think the advantages of Conduit 2s system outweigh the the negatives since there is no host to end a game and everyone plays on equal ground (but people with bad connections will still be a pain).
5 years ago#16
BEWARE WALL OF TEXT. Skip the first two paragraphs if you want, they really are irrelevant....

Yeah that sounds about right, about both things.

I never played Black Ops for the Wii, but from what you described would explain some of the things i've noticed for the 360 version, along with other CoD games. Even then though, theres still a second or so lag between teams. Put more than 10 days into Black Ops and getting into matches where i'd be fired upon, take cover, and the moment i'm CLEARLY behind a wall, i die and my guy was a second behind where i was. Either that, or two rushers collide, one fires the SPAS while the other sprays with any gun, and the guy with the SPAS apparently never shot in the first place. i 'suppose' that deals with the players connection... where as mine is pretty decent.

But yeah, Conduit 2 handles its coding way better now ((From what the likes HVS has talked about.)) and handles its graphics in a much better manner. So booting up an online match should take a less amount of time. Not only that, HVS had more time to work with the online part of the game then in The Conduit.

..... ..... Well regardless of anything, if Conduit 2 takes a longer amount of time to get into a match, i'll find it unacceptable of HVS. Unless the reasons are along the lines of too many people on the servers. Like... more than they thought there'd be. Which is understandable, it happened with the first Conduit.
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
My Alias for Wii Online = "Shader" Monster Hunter Tri = "Deimos"
5 years ago#17
I hate it when people shoot me through a boulder. That really messes up your strategy. Black Ops is the first game that actually rewards people for having a bad internet connection.
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