who here ISNT joining any clans?

#11JaggiManPosted 3/6/2011 8:38:32 AM
Depends if the people I play with a lot are in a clan and they accept me in.
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#12Aile_WingPosted 3/6/2011 8:52:24 AM
To Changlini:
Regarding your signature, why not call the server El Nidorino?
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#13ChangliniPosted 3/6/2011 8:55:38 AM
Oh, well that was, if I can recall correctly, my way of combining both of the suggested names for that server( El Nido to El Niņo and Nidorino = Niņorino).

But, I can change it if you want.
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The server El Nido is called El Nino or El Ninorino in my book
#14_Azeal_Posted 3/6/2011 9:19:46 AM
I never used to be a clan guy. But I just randomly decided to make my own one day and it is really fun. You meet cool people and play games. It's pretty much a win-win.
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#15SmallerRidleyPosted 3/6/2011 9:41:15 AM
I know I'm not. Clans r dum
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
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#16LigersRulePosted 3/6/2011 9:54:30 AM
Believe it or not, I'm a lousy player. Play with friends? Definitely. Play competitively, with rankings and crap? Not on your life, bub.
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#17vilex68Posted 3/6/2011 10:08:02 AM
this guy
#18RyokoWinsPosted 3/6/2011 11:38:24 AM
I like the idea of joining a clan, but I don't think I can play frequently enough to join one.
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#19CHAINMAILLEKIDPosted 3/6/2011 12:48:54 PM
I might revive my clan if I can. I mean, if Con2 is successful enough.

Its kinda annoying how people are making clans here though, its just bandwagoning and most people don't know crap about the dynamics to make a clan really fulfilling.

My last clan, we were together for over a year.
#20SupahShnipaPosted 3/6/2011 1:01:38 PM
I'm naturally competitive and I want to win, but I don't need something like GameBattles or Clan Wars to do that for me. I don't get mad when I lose. I just play to win and have fun, which isn't what clans do.
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