Why snipers/campers ruin the fun

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Camping, however, totally ruins amateur gaming.

Holy crap did I just read what I think I read, after all those long arguments in chat.....>_>
Lol. I was thinking of you when writing it. To clarify, I am not against camping in the sense that no one should do it. I am against camping as a means of stalemating or easily-accessible exploitation--like in cache rooms in tcon. Anything else is usually fine, since, unless the spot is significantly more advantageous, there are usually alternative routes. That's why I love BC2 DM: there are so many ways to potentially advance yourself.

The difference is clear, right? If someone spends the whole game in an multi-accessible area and does well, as annoying as it is,I could have countered it easily, given the right thought. But camping the cache rooms is too exploitable. I've changed my mind on that issue.

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I'll admit I am a camper on many FPS games and indeed Paintballing and lazer combat.

It is because I am not as good as many great players. So why go toe to toe and get beat down? I say use any strategy that works best for you. As long as it's not glitching or hacking.

If anyone's against me. Granade spam, camp, sneak, snipe do what ever you want (as long as you don't cheat). Seeing the difference is game psychology is half the fun IMO.
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Well at least you can always boot cheaters and campers out of the game in number 2! ;)
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As long as my SPAS-12 to Melee combo still works, I won't have any problems with snipers >:) Ah, this makes me wanna drive to my friends house to recover my long lost Conduit copy... I miss you conduit! YOU CON DUIT! I BELIEVE IN YOO!
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I think I'll go on Conduit to tide me over.

I love fighting campers and snipers. So anyone plays me even thrashes me that's fine. Just none of that teleporting glitching. And don't get me started on rocket cheats.
Nintendo translates as Leave luck to Heaven.
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Well at least you can always boot cheaters and campers out of the game in number 2! ;)

This is foreshadowing something....something big.
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