Delayed Again ?! -_-

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If you thought that the final release date was April 19th, think again. The folks at High Voltage Software decided to make major changes to the core gameplay. They felt it was in the best interest for the Wii to make the gameplay less difficult for newcomers like in order to cater to the mass audience. Nintendo was under pressure from alot of parents who felt that the monsters were too demonic to feel comfortable with their child playing the game. High Voltage Software did not want to remove the main enemy because they are a central aspect from the previous installment, so they made a tough decision to bring Conduit 2 to PS3 and Xbox 360. They are indeed bringing an adaptation of Conduit 2 to the Wii called "Conduit Party" where the protagonist of the game, agent Ford will have to blast his way through 200 + minigames to take down the Drudge once and for all in party style.
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cool story bro

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Surprise! The link called you out.
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Ninja'd lol, when they are already having shipping arrangments being made I doubt they would delay it.

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guess the other people didn't get the joke lol. i tell you i wouldn't be a bit surprised if this WAS true. seems like everything for the Wii these days is just a party game.
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What would the minigames even be? Orange soda shake? Strike rifle fun time? Phase'd out? BTW i call all the rights to using the term Phase'd when the game comes out.

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^I think one of the dev's already said "Phase'd" in one of their videos.
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^Dammit! I want a cool phrase. I just resisted a pun temptation. What the heck. I really wanted a cool phase.

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gr295 posted...
^Dammit! I want a cool phrase. I just resisted a pun temptation. What the heck. I really wanted a cool phase.

Damn you....
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lmao XD
Dude, **** you. You actually got me for a second
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