Why I like Conduit 2 and the Wii

#11stufa1978Posted 3/12/2011 5:42:26 AM
Yeah I found the N64 to be my favoerite machine. Rare did incredible things with it. Like Conkers and Perfect Dark. So when Rare moved to XBOX. I followed.
Alas Rares games on XBOX weren't nearly as good as N64's. But XBOX did introdude my to some awesome 4 player split screen games. And it did 'em better than PS2 and GAMECUBE, great machines though.

Unfortunately XBOX's follow up leet me down by focusing on online multiplayer and essentially took a step back for the local multiplayer I loved about the original.

Wii however thrived on party play. I chose that machine and found despite it's weaknesses. It was an awesome party machine. I remember playing 4 player RED STEEL. It was so much better because it's harder to aim at someone when they're shooting you.
But the one thing I was hoping for on Wii. An all in one FPS. That only seems to be coming towards the end of Wii's shelf life.

But hey. I'm sure Conduit 2 will still play a dream long after Wii leaves the main stream.
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^ Conquers Bad Fur Day

... by far, one of the ****ing best games ever created..... EVER. ****ING EVER!!!
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Wow, that was actually worth a read. Great post!
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excellent write up. you basically captured the essence of this generation of gamers. you should post this on N4G