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5 years ago#1

poor grammar but a little bit of info on the second level
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5 years ago#2

Good article but screens arnt new.

5 years ago#3
Actually, some of them are, or atleast a compilation of screen from the latest previews across other websites.

Screenshot 4- Second time i've seen the 'Female' character model.
Screenshot 5- First time i've seen a shot of a battle inside the Spaceship... full green color on the Jade Warriors looks ugly as ****.
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5 years ago#4
Decent article. I'm glad that we've seen such a positive response to the game. Granted, we saw that with the first one too, but now that the developers (and the critics, for that matter) know what they're looking for, and it's still getting positive press. So most of the mistakes from the first game were fixed, it would seem.
5 years ago#5
We've seen 2 full levels (oil derrick and a lot of Washington) and a little of China and Siberia. It would be pretty weird if the game suddenly turned garbage after that...

I just hope the frame rate for online is good.
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