Already hinting at Conduit 3 on the Wii...

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5 years ago#1
Yea, seriously:

A bit early to talk about something like that. However, C2 looks like a major improvement over the first one, has more appealing boxart and is released into a little Wii drought, so it might achieve enough sales to convince Sega. I think Wii/3DS multiplatform might be a good idea for C3.
No More Heroes
5 years ago#2
If they do a Conduit 3, I really hope they get all of their waivers done now that they know about them XD. But I'd be up for a sequel I suppose, and I'm interested to see just how far they can go in terms of visuals, since they seem to think that there's still the potential to do more. If they were to do a Conduit 3 and a Conduit 3DS though, I hope that they would be different (maybe Conduit 3DS has that guy from the "Orange Lights" comic, like someone else said). It would flesh out the Conduit universe a little more, which I can't see being a bad thing.
5 years ago#3
If C2 is really successful, i hope they use it to talk Sega into publishing the Grinder FPS on the Wii. Seriously, that game looked a lot more appealing to me then Conduit.
No More Heroes
5 years ago#4
God, do you know what they are doing?
They're trying.
And that's something a lot of developers don't do today, specially on the Wii.
I'm not a huge fan of FPS, but this game and it's developers get my respect just for not being lazy bums.
I hope they get The Grinder out too, it looks nice, and it would look much nicer than those old videos.
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5 years ago#5
It was a while back so I'm not entirely sure but I think they said they were making it a trilogy after the 1st game launched.
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5 years ago#6
It was a while back so I'm not entirely sure but I think they said they were making it a trilogy after the 1st game launched.

Don't remember that ever being said. Maybe you were thinking of Avatar, which had the 3rd movie announced shortly after the 1st was released.

I'm pretty sure I've heard mention that Conduit was always a 2 game contract with SEGA. Never heard anything about a 3rd game until here, I think.
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5 years ago#7
HVS always takes a "Wait and see" when asked about future game projects. And Seeing how SEGA is taking care of Conduit 2, i can see them handling Grinder which is coming out this year.

But **** Sega, i know they say how much Sega has been good to them and letting them make whatever games they want. ((Except Gladiator A.D.)) .... They need a new publisher. Really.

They dont have online servers, and because of that, HVS has to go with the ones Nintendo borrows from GameSpy, THEN deal with Nintendo's ****ing stupid ass regulations.

With HVS being a small third-party developer... they dont have much of a choice. So i understand them going to Sega every time.... But eventually, they need a new one.

... .... unless they are trapped in some sort of loophole contract with SEGA. i would suspect as much from them.
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5 years ago#8
Oh wow.... You know, I wouldn't be surprised if HVSBob reads these comments.... Meaning HVS probably personally knows how the majority of fans feel about SEGA.....

Now that I'm thinking about that, I'm just gonna say.... SEGA works great for Conduit 2, and several other games, I'm sure that works great, much better then risking going developerless....

But Grinder.... DO NOT give Grinder to SEGA. They will ruin it. You should go to Ubisoft; I wouldn't be surprised if Ubisoft would be interested.
He that speaks much is much mistaken -Benjamin Franklin
5 years ago#9
Weird, I definitely had a déjà-vu of reading Ligers' post... Anyway, I agree that SEGA would ruin Grinder. Considering what they did to Gladiator A.D. (although I'll admit the gameplay seemed to have improved from Gladiator A.D., I still think they should have kept the style), I bet they would have all of the blood taken out, the enemies made more cartoony, and any swears removed. And frankly, that ruins the entire style of the game (or at least, from what we've seen). So just don't do it please.
5 years ago#10
Sega has put MadWorld, House of the Dead 2&3 and HotD Overkill on the Wii and has publicly stated multiple times that they consider the latter two games successful (on the former i've heard mixed opinons).
I don't think that they are generally opposed to putting more violent games on the Wii. The truth is, the brown visuals of Gladiator AD looked dull, nice for a screenshot or a short clip, but a whole game of that would have been boring.
No More Heroes
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