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5 years ago#31
Oh, I didn't see that. Well, that completely butchers the point (and limit) of loadouts. If you can modify yours to fit any situation, why bother having any? You might as well not waste your time. That's borderline gamebreaking.

This is untrue. Have you played Battlefield Bad Company 2?
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5 years ago#32
If being able to change 1 of the 4 loadouts you have while your not alive is gamebreaking...

Then having 10 Custom Loadouts is the worst decision in gaming of all time.
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5 years ago#33

SmallerRidley posted...
Is it possible to change a loadout during a match? I don't think so but it could be.

Hey guys. I wanted to confirm that yes, while in a match you can not only select a different load-out for your next life, you can also change the settings within a load-out. When I've played in our multiplayer tests, I generally only changed load-outs between matches, unless I had really dealt myself a bad deck, so to speak. There's enough time between matches to give people a chance to adjust a load-out, vote for the next match, make and accept friend or rival requests, and so on.

I think we made changing your load-out as quick and intuitive as we could. But if you're in the middle of the game and you spend too long in the menu system...well, you know how juicy an opponent is when he's standing still...:twisted:

5 years ago#34
i see my friends
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