What five guns must you have

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5 years ago#1

List below what five guns your are going to grind for.
Phase Rifle, Arc eclipse, hive cannon, HVS45, and widowmaker turret.

5 years ago#2
4.AR-C Eclipse
5.Hive Cannon
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5 years ago#3
Deatomizer mk4, paired with: Ar-c eclipse, Dark Star. Hive Cannon, and lastly Strike Rifle or the Phase Rifle.
5 years ago#4
TPC Launcher, HVS45, PR, Carbonizer, and everything else.
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5 years ago#5
Dark Star, Strike Rifle, AEGIS Device, Widowmaker Turret, Carbonizer.
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5 years ago#6
For some reason, I'm disliking the Hive cannon now. Maybe it's due to that tendancy.


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5 years ago#7
Dark Star
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5 years ago#8
SPAS, Eclipse, Aegis, TPC, Phase rifle.

Stack off my Eclipse.
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5 years ago#9

Hm. I'm most excited about the Widowmaker Turret, Phase Rifle, TPC Launcher, Shrieker, and...AR-C Eclipse, I suppose.

The TPC Launcher and Shrieker are going to be absolutely monstrous at close/medium range now, with all the explosive upgrades. Especially the Shrieker, now that it can be switched to full auto.

5 years ago#10
-AR-C Eclipse
-TPC Launcher
-Deatomizer Mk4
-Hive Cannon
-HVS 45
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