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#1jmeisterb22Posted 3/21/2011 6:23:03 PM
To those of you who have played the Conduit...

Would you compare the controls more to GoldenEye or Metroid Prime (if a comparison can be made for either game). I really loved the controls for Metroid Prime and Call of Duty, but for some reason I cannot stand the wii nunchuk controls in Goldeneye, even after spending A LOT of time customizing controls. Anyway, I know few if any have played the Conduit 2 but any help is greatly appreciated, even if the first game is your only reference.

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That's...actually sort of difficult to answer. Conduit allows you to customize your control layout and sensitivity so much (Much, MUCH more than either Metroid or Goldeneye allows) that you could make it exactly like Metroid's, or exactly like Goldeneye's, if you wanted. Although you're better off tinkering around with it until you find that perfect combination that you enjoy.

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I don't remember the default button layout from The Conduit, but you know you can change the button layout, sensitivities, turning speeds, and whatnot to be however you like. However, the button layout may take some puzzle-solving skills because you can only change the buttons by switching them. It took me a couple minutes to figure out how I needed to switch everything around to get things how I wanted them.

However, if you're talking about things like fluidity, ease of use, etc., then I'm afraid I can't help.
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#4The_ShaderPosted 3/21/2011 7:56:34 PM
You can customize the controls to however you wanted. You liked Metroid? you can customize till you have exactly metroid's button setup.

So basically, there is no "Conduit Controls", just "Your Controls".
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#5Icuras08Posted 3/21/2011 8:44:51 PM
In my opinion, The Conduit has something that made the controls much more sharp and fluid than Goldeneye, but I can't tell what it exactly is.... I think it was the Human camera style, but the Trust camera style still felt good...
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#6jmeisterb22(Topic Creator)Posted 3/22/2011 9:08:42 AM
Thanks for all your help guys... I am so pumped for this game now, I thought I could be in for a big letdown like goldeneye
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jmeisterb22 posted...
Thanks for all your help guys... I am so pumped for this game now, I thought I could be in for a big letdown like goldeneye

Goldeneye is the Holy Grail of FPS on the Wii so far. Lol IMO.