The Nintendo Power review is in, and Conduit 2 scores...

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Use the DIRECT LINK, the scond one.

And if possible make them bigger
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It's not working properly.

ddd87 posted...
And if possible make them bigger

I had to post the pictures from the mobile site. That's why it was so small.

Well, at least you all know I wasn't lying about the score. Eventually you'll find that I'm not lying about the rest of the review either.
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eh, id still hit it ;)

Well, y'know, perfect 10's don't just walk up to you. Take what ya get, I guess XD
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At least he liked the final battle....
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hard to believe this got a lower score than the first one
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steel driver got a higher score. ouch
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well thats disapointing, I know its still gonna be awesome for me, just kinda sad about what they had to say. Are there any new screens?
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hazmatkr3w posted...
steel driver got a higher score. ouch

Isnt that a first party title? I wouldnt be surprised about its score if it was.

Worst is that Top Spin 4 has a 7.....
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Reviews were never a good option to take into a games value before buying it. The Single Player is apparently what is driving this game down. Which is NOT what i was gonna buy this game for.

i'm a HUGE fan of the Armored Core series. From Armored Cored 2 up to its current game Armored Core: For Answer...

It is one of the funnest, most awesome game series i continuesly buy on a day one purchase...

and every game reviewer marks the games lower than average. always.

Side Note:
Most games like in this review are done by one person. The day i take a review seriously before buying is when the reviews are done by 20 people. 10 fans, 10 not, and the review is a summed up version of what they all say.
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