can load outs be changed during the game matching?

#1raysnds1Posted 3/31/2011 9:31:42 AM
my question isnt to start a flame war..

but for goldeneye, you have to back completly out of game matching to change a load out (which is annoying when you have a good game going)

Black-Ops, allows you to change a load out during the game match/map vote...

will C2 allow this that anyone has seen?
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i ask this cause sometimes the competition is playing a certain way and i'll have to change strategy's
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as eric cartman would say..."sweet"
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Do you mean change loadouts like... create a new one mid-game? Or do you mean change like switch from your first loadout to the second?

I'm guessing you mean the first, since you can switch loadouts mid-game in Goldeneye.
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oh...i if i have a load out using the sniper rifle...but i want that load out to have a automatic weapon, i just change the gun
#7ddd87Posted 3/31/2011 11:57:48 AM
Bob explained it some time ago, aside from choosing one of the four loadouts, you can modify any of them mid-match
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i've come to like bob.....

i'd buy him a beer...

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Goldeneye could have used some more polish.