Man, I Can't Wait!

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5 years ago#1
I'm so excited for the new conduit game. Only 18 days left and then it will be released.That stupid Nintendo Power review still makes me pretty mad. Everyone excited? =)
5 years ago#2

Yeah i'm pretty damn excited.

5 years ago#3
Very pumped here.
Haven't bought a new game since Goldeneye in December, can't wait to get stuck into something fresh.
5 years ago#4
Soon the fight for my attention between pokemon and conduit shall begin
A hero never loses
A hero Never dies
~ Preschooler Nobu
5 years ago#5
Cant wait till you guys play it!!!
5 years ago#6

Hey Tony are you still doing the fc thing by any chance.

5 years ago#7
Sure why not.
5 years ago#8

^ME GUSTA. So, how do we apply again?

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